Ali Xeeshan breaks silence after his anti-dowry campaign backfires

Ali Xeeshan’s latest campaign showed a bride pulling a cart-load of dowry with the groom sitting atop items

Acclaimed Pakistani fashion designer Ali Xeeshan is the talk of town after his recent campaign focusing on dowry backfired.

The fashion icon received ample praises for highlighting a crucial issue of the Pakistani society with his ‘Numaish’ campaign—showing a bride pulling a cart-load of dowry with the groom sitting atop items.

In spite of that, quite a lot of people on internet were unhappy about the campaign as they accused the designer of ‘hypocrisy’ for campaigning for underprivileged brides but selling his couture at unreasonable prices.

“The recent campaign against dowry is impactful. So I looked up the designer Ali Xeeshan. Google took me to his bridal collection. One would have to sell their kidney to buy this dress,” wrote one user.

“Ali xeeshan be like say no to dowry instead buy lehnga worth lacs from me,” added another.

Breaking his silence on the entire episode, Xeeshan spoke to Independent Urdu and said: “When I was developing it [the campaign], I was only looking into the struggles of girls. But later I realised that dowry pressurises the parents more.”

“I remember last year a client’s wedding was called off because one of the demands from the groom’s family was to have a gold-plated shaving kit. Many people say that you make expensive outfits, then why are you talking about this? These two are very different things – that [designing outfits] is my business and no one is compelled [to buy them],” he said.

“If you can afford my clothes please be my guests and if you can’t then don’t put yourself under the pressure. If someone asks me whether they should buy my clothes or educate their daughter then I would ask them to provide the education. I will manage to sell my clothes.”

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