Centre deprived rural Sindh of 35,254 jobs: Ismail Rahu

KARACHI   –   Provincial Agriculture Minister Ismail Rahu said on Sunday that Imran Khan’s government had ignored the youth of Sindh in federal Jobs. 

“The rural Sindh quota in federal jobs is 11.4 percent. Under the rural quota, 108,799 employees should have been appointed in federal institutions but only 73,545 jobs have been given to the youth of Sindh,” he said in a statement.

He further said that the rural Sindh had got 35,254 jobs less than the quota. He questioned why Punjab and KP provinces were given more than one lac additional jobs. 

Rahu said that 7,755 from Punjab and 94,423 employees from KP are more than their quota in federal institutions while Sindh, Azad Kashmir, Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan were ignored in the federal recruitment. 

“The provincial quota system is not being implemented on recruitment in federal agencies which is violation of Constitution of Pakistan,” he said. The provincial minister said that the federation had robbed Sindh of water, jobs, gas, NFC award and development schemes. He observed: “PTI allies from Sindh are also silent over this matter as they are afraid that their ministries will be taken away from them if they raise their voice on the issues of Sindh.” He said that PPP was the only party which had delivered for the masses of Sindh.

Federal govt has deprived common man of flour: Dharejo 

Reacting to Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry’s statement, Jam Ikramullah Dharejo, Provincial Minister for Industries, said in a statement on Sunday that ministers of the ‘selected’ federal government do not do any work in their respective departments; however, there are definitely attacks on Sindh on a daily basis. 

Dharejo further said that lies were being told by the federal ministers on a daily basis which was a shameful act. He said, “There is a need to set up a high-level commission of inquiry into the oil and gas production from Sindh.” Chaudhry should keep in mind that the debt of Sindh would come out from the High Commission of Inquiry in terms of gas and oil; therefore, Sindh should be given its due right by making a financial estimate of Sindh’s natural resources.

Dharejo said that the federal government had given Sindh nothing but gas and electricity load-shedding in exchange for gas and oil. “Federal government does not want to implement the 18th Amendment, nor does it want to give the provinces their rights. It is unfortunate that all the gas and oil companies in Ghotki have closed their doors of employment to the local people.”

Dharejo added that PTI government had brought nothing but disaster while PPP had given record development projects during its tenure which were part of history. He was of the opinion that the present federal government had deprived the common man of the ability to buy flour and sugar.

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