Christina Hendricks addresses ‘well-rounded’ characterisation in ‘Good Girls’

TENNESSEE   –  Christina Hendricks weighs in on the ‘well-rounded’ characterization of her ‘Good Girls’ character and fellow cast members. The actress wore her heart on her sleeve shortly after news of the show’s cancelation hit mainstream media. Hendricks was quoted telling the People Every Day podcast, “No one’s a stereotype of the strong person or the weak person. We know that we are those people, all day long.” She also added, ““I think that a woman can be so many different things and the more you show all those different sides to her, people respond to that as strength because it feels real.” Before concluding Hendricks took a walk down memory lane and reminisced over the ‘transformative’ changes in her acting career since her Mad Men days and claimed, “I think I learned how to acknowledge my own contribution to things and that it was far more important than I had given myself credit for.”


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