Corridor opening

Corridor opening

Kartarur corridor was formally opened yesterday to allow thousands of Sikh pilgrims to perform their religious rituals in three day celebration on the 550th celebration in Gurudwara Darbar Sahib where the founder of Sikh religion spent last 15 years of his life till his last breath. Addressing jubilant mammoth gathering of pilgrims, Prime Minister Imran Khan that Kashmir dispute has held in fetters the entire subcontinent and urged Indian Prime Minister Nrendra Modi to come forward for freeing it to enable the people of the two countries live in peace.
He said that Prophet of Islam Muhammad Peace be upon him) and prophets who came earlier to him propagated the message peace, love for humanity and mutual coexistence. The resolution of this core issue will open vistas of trade and economic cooperation and bring prosperity for the people who are caught in the vicious circle of poverty over the past 72 years. Let break the shekels of the bitter past and put our people on the path of love, humanity and prosperity. The siege and communication blockade of 8 million India occupied Kashmir has become the biggest human right violation issue. Let us amicably resolve this long outstanding dispute and give justice to Kashmiris. “If Germany and France after fighting battles can bury the past then why not India and Pakistan do the same” the Prime Minister passionately asked the Indian leadership.
The corridor and Gurudura Darbar Sahib Complex was completed by government of Pakistan in a record time of10 months, which may serve an avenue of restoring normal relations between the hitherto arch rivals India and Pakistan. The passage links Norwal district of central Punjab to Dera Baba Nanak in the Gurdaspur Distric of Indian Punjab. The project had been proposed by former Indian Prime Minister Attal Bihari Vajpai during his visit of Pakistan in 1999 but it had remained on the backburner due lack of political will although the process of composite dialogue between the two countries went on till its suspension in November 2008.
It is encouraging that in the atmosphere of tension between India and Pakistan, towering Indian political personalities, celebrities and priests of Sikh religion participated in Kartarpur opening ceremony including former Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, Chief Minister of Indian Punjab Manendar Singh, Congress leader Naojot Singh Sidhu and Bollywood star Sunny Deol.

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