Digital boards to be installed in vegetable market to display commodities’ prices

ISLAMABAD – The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has decided to install digital boards in vegetable market here to display prices of the commodities.

The decision has been taken to check over-charging, according to the officials. They said the boards will be installed at different locations in the next 10 days. According to details, Assistant Commissioner IndustrialArea held meetings with Market Committee representatives and police in-charges for administrative and security improvement in the vegetable market. He also carried out inspection of vendors for price control.

The officials were of the view that installation of digital boards would help check over-charging and the citizens would be able to get commodities at controlled rates. The other initiatives to be taken by the administration include installation of dustbins at different locations of the market for waste collection. The Market Committee would facilitate the administration in this regard. 

A police post would be set up on the Double Road in the market to ensure attendance of the deputed police staff in the facility. This would help ensure the presence of the security personnel in the area. The administration has also decided to register vendors as they plan to develop a database in this regard.

The fruit and vegetable market of Islamabad faces multiple issues such as lack of security arrangements, heavy encroachments, dilapidated sewerage system and unhygienic conditions. The situation in the sole fruit and vegetable market of the capital speaks volumes of the incapacity of the authorities to set matters in order. One can observe hundreds of illegal stalls at the main road of the market, which links vegetable and fruit sections. The fruit market has literally been stretched over to the main IJ Principal road due to lack of action on part of the administration and remains a living nuisance for the commuters and pedestrians. There are no arrangements for security in the area. The authorities had decided to install security cameras in the premises under the Safe City Project but it is yet to be implemented.

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