ECP appointments: Govt, opposition agree on presenting new names

ECP appointments: Govt, opposition agree on presenting new names

ISLAMABAD: The Parliamentary Committee on Appointment of Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and members of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is expected to hold a meeting next week in a bid to break the deadlock between the government and opposition on the matter of key appointments in the ECP as the government and opposition agreed on bringing in new names. Contacts were made between the government and opposition to break the deadlock.

When former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, who is representing the PPP in the Parliamentary Committee, was contacted, he told The News that the government has indicted that it will give fresh name for theChief Election Commissioner. “We are waiting for the fresh names from the government for the CEC and once these come up, the opposition will also decide on the matter,” he said.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said it was communicated to the government that the CEC should be a person with unblemished record and should be independent, upright and suitable for the key post of the Chief Election Commissioner and could work without any pressure.

The former prime minister said he had proposed renowned lawyer Irfan Qadir. “So far the government has not given any fresh name and we are waiting for their recommendations and if the government name comes up on merit and suitable, these could be considered,” he said.

He said it is expected that the government will come out with fresh names and will discuss these within the opposition and in case did not agree with the government names, they will give the fresh names from opposition. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf is hopeful for breakthrough on the matter.

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