Haleem observes Bilawal enjoying pleasant weather of Kashmir

KARACHI – Haleem Adil Sheikh, the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly on Saturday said that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was now enjoying the pleasant weather of Kashmir, but he would not get even party candidates elected during the upcoming elections in the valley.

“Those who had caused massive destruction and devastation everywhere in Sindh during their worst governance will be rejected by the people of Kashmir,” he said in a statement. He requested people of Kashmir to see the deplorable conditions of his hometown Larkana. Mr Sheikh said that the PPP chairman was also scheduled to visit the USA at the critical time when the brave Pakistani Prime Minister Khan had flatly refused to allow the American government to use the country’s air bases by saying absolutely not.”

The PTI leader recalled that from the fall of Dhaka PPP leadership had always done damage to the sovereignty of the country to get power. He said that PPP rulers were misusing the government plane and helicopter of chief minister Sindh. “The plane of Sindh government is being used like a taxi or rickshaw by PPP leaders,” he added.

The PTI leader said that past corrupt leaders compromised the sovereignty of the country to perpetrate their rule. He made it clear that Bilawal Bhutto, unlike his predecessors, would not secure any position through the back door since Pakistan was now being run by a brave and selfless leader like Imran Khan.

Mr Sheikh said that such leaders always tried to destabilise country by accusing the state institutions of the country to please their friends even in a country like India.




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