Khan tells the world: Don’t treat Kashmir issue lightly

ISLAMABAD: Highlighting the sensitivity of decades-old Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the issue is much bigger and complicated than the world is considering it.

In an interview, Imran Khan said that he had briefed the United States President Donald Trump about the sensitivity of the Kashmir issue. The prime minister said that he is making every possible effort to resolve the Kashmir issue in a peaceful manner, adding that he does not know about the results. Criticising the irresponsible statement of the Indian army chief about Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Imran Khan said, “Regional peace is not possible in the situation.”

The prime minister said that the world should realise that Narendra Modi-led government is following the ‘Nazi’ type Hindu supremacist ideology. Imran Khan called for the United Nations and Trump to help mediate between nuclear-armed countries over the resolution of Kashmir.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that Modi’s fascist policies were the “biggest threat to regional peace”. Taking to Twitter, Imran Khan tweeted the cover of the latest edition of The Economist which criticises the Modi government’s policies. The prime minister said that the world was acknowledging the “anti-democratic and fascist ideology” being imposed in Occupied Kashmir and India. “The world is now acknowledging the anti-democratic and fascist ideology being imposed in IOJK and in India. This is the biggest threat to regional peace and stability. Already 8 million Kashmiris & Muslims in India are suffering because of Modi’s fascist policies,” he tweeted.

The Economist explained the cover of its latest edition, stating that it was all about how Modi had sown division in India through his contentious policies. The publication talked about how the Indian government had made it easier for minorities other than Muslims to gain citizenship.

“At the same time, they want to compile a register of all India’s 1.3bn citizens. Those sound like technicalities, but many of the country’s 200m Muslims do not have the papers to prove they are Indian, so they risk being made stateless,” read a post on the website. The Economist further states that the Indian government has decided to build camps to detain those who were “caught in the net” which seemed to be a step to incite Muslims. “That is electoral nectar for the BJP, but political poison for India,” reads a line from the post.

The publication states that Modi’s policies risk shedding innocent blood and undermine the secular principles of the Indian constitution. “Modi’s latest initiatives threaten to do damage to democracy,” reads a line from the post.

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