Media bill rejected by governor revived in SA: Wahab

KARACHI   –  The media bill, which was turned down by Sindh governor, has now been revived in the Sindh Assembly, and the cabinet meeting will approve it. We will practically safeguard the interests of the journalist fraternity and provide them as many facilities as possible. 

This was stated by Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Spokesperson for Sindh Government and Advisor to CM Sindh on Law, Barrister Murtaza Wahab while speaking at a press conference on Tuesday at the Sindh Assembly Media Corner. The Governor Sindh proved that PTI is brazenly against the freedom of expression, said the CM aide and added that in the past, there were simply rhetorics for the freedom of the press, but in practice, it was only the PPP that did the practical work for the benefit and protection of the journalist community. 

Wahab was of the view that the result of every by-election in Pakistan had confirmed that they were ‘selected’. He informed “As far as federal funds allocation to Sindh, its money comes from the NFC. They don’t pay it from their account. It’s a constitutional right of the province. The objection is that the constitutional right was not met as it should have been. Last year’s budget promised a huge sum to Sindh, then it was lowered to Rs710 billion but later on Sindh did not get even promised money.”

He said that the federal government had done tiny development work in Thar while the Sindh government had done at a large scale. He questioned: “What have you done? Some people are not giving Sukkur-Hyderabad motorway to Sindh. They are not building the road to Sehwan even though we have paid the money. How the news was printed in the newspaper and tampered with the bill of the Green Line project when no response was received from the government.  In what capacity is Shahbaz Gill holding a press conference at the Governor’s House? Did he take any action over the sugar, wheat, gas, and petroleum scandals?”  

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