Pakistan asks Huawei to relocate

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has asked Chinese telecom giant Huawei to relocate its manufacturing units as the South Asian nation offers scores of incentives including cheap labour. The matter was discussed during a meeting between Huawei Supervisory Board Chairman Li Jie, who was leading a delegation, and Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday.
Addressing the delegation, the prime minister highlighted the attractive incentive packages being offered by the government to the potential relocating industries. He also talked about the availability of inexpensive labour and the competent and enterprising youth in Pakistan.
Talking about the huge business opportunities created under the new e-commerce policy, Imran invited the Chinese IT giant to explore business avenues in the sector. He urged the company to engage the brilliant young minds of Pakistan working in technical fields.
The IT ministry had launched the Digital Pakistan campaign and was interested in including them, he said.
The prime minister said their expertise in providing import substitution and advancement in the technical automation operation launched in collaboration with the students of Nust and GIK would be of great advantage.
Speaking on the occasion, the Huawei official told PM Imran about the progress being made by the country in the network domain.
He pointed out that they had established a new ecosystem in order to avoid reliance on the companies enjoying a monopoly in the field.
Li remarked that he was impressed with the intellectual capability of Pakistani students.

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