Pakistan has second-largest reserves of salt but exports very low 

ISLAMABAD   –   A meeting was convened by Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment  Abdul Razak Dawood to discuss issues related to salt industry and export enhancement plans. The meeting was attended by All Pakistan Salt Association (APSA) and senior officers of the ministry of commerce.

During his presentation the president APSA informed the house that though Pakistan has second largest reserve of salts in the world,  but the exports from Pakistan are ranked very low. He was also of the view that due to primitive methods of mining the wastage percentage is very high.

While discussing the role of the government, he shared the industry’s views that due to neglect,  the chemical industry related to salt could not grow. He believed that if the government provides patronage, then up to one billion dollars can be earned from the export of salt to the chemical industry all around the world.

He also informed the house that they are also launching a huge project in Gwadar for making Sun Salt for industrial usage. The project size is around  $750 million and it will be completed in phases, the first phase will be completed in two-year time. After the stat of the first phase around $400-500 million   exports will increase from that project. Another senior member also shared his proposed project of Soda Ash in Khushab. He said that if that project is initiated successfully then sizable number of locals will be employed and exports will also increase.

The salt association collectively requested advisor to prime minister that in this budget,  sales tax has been imposed on the mined salt at the excavation stage. As poor labourers are involved in mining of salt,  this measure will adversely affect the whole industry. They requested the advisor to approach FBR for revision of the sales tax at mining stage. Prime minister advisor agreed to take up the case with relevant authorities.

The Association thanked the advisor for receiving them and assured their full commitment for enhancement of exports from Pakistan.


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