PM criticizes Indian brutality against Muslims

PM Khan criticizes Indian brutality against Muslims

Prime Minister Imran Khan Saturday said that Indian police brutality has reached new lows as its pogrom of Muslims in India continues as part of fascist Narendra Modi government’s ethnic cleansing agenda.

The premier expressed his views on Twitter while reacting to News18 report stating that in major embarrassment for Firozabad Police, a man whose name was included in the list of 200 people who could hamper peace in the backdrop of protests over the new citizenship law was found to be dead for six years.

Man Dead for 6 Years, Bedridden 93-yr-old in UP Cops’ List of People Who Could Hamper Peace Amid…
Under fire, City Magistrate Kunwar Pankaj Singh said they had been informed that many people were wrongly named, were elderly and bed-ridden and no action will be taken against them.

After the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act turned violent in UP’s Firozabad on December 20, the Firozabad police booked around 2,500 people. As a precautionary measure, they have now issued notice to Banne Khan, who died around six years ago, under section 107/16 of the IPC.

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Apart from this, two men aged 90 and 93 have also been asked to appear before the Magistrate and fill a bond of Rs 10 lakh. 90-year-old Sufi Abrar Hussain has been working at the Jama Masjid for the past 58 years. 93-year-old identified as Fasahat Meer Khan is a social worker and bed-ridden.

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