Politics of plunderers all but over, says CM

LAHORE   –  Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar Friday said that people wanted the elimination of corruption and strict accountability of the corrupt. “The looters will not escape from their logical end,” he said in a statement.

He averred that the PTI’s struggle against corruption was yielding positive results and the people were not supporting the corrupt. The chief minister said the people also wanted the looters to be made a symbol of disgrace as they had incurred irreparable losses to the country. “The nation pays tribute to PM Imran Khan for a firm struggle against corruption,” he said, maintaining that an honest leadership would resolve problems by introducing new traditions of honesty and transparency.

Usman Buzdar further stated that the foundation of a transparent Pakistan had been laid under the leadership of PM Imran Khan. He claimed that the current government was the most transparent one. “There is no future for the politics of allegations. The era of real change has begun and welfare projects are designed according to public needs and requirements. The people are not influenced by hollow slogans anymore,” observed the CM.

He said that the parliamentarians were consulted during chalking out of district development packages to identify the needs of districts. “The PTI government has given priority to composite development of the 36 districts,” he said. “Regrettably, the development schemes succumbed to the attitude of like and dislike in the past and resources were spent on areas of personal choices, overlooking genuine public needs,” he remarked.

He reiterated that resources were mercilessly plundered in the past, but the PTI government had scrapped that venal culture and the politics of looters had come to an end. The chief minister said that the development journey was in progress despite the conspiracies of some ‘anarchist elements’. “Pakistan is moving forward with a renewed vigour towards its destination,” he added.

Usman Buzdar maintained that the people had rejected negative politics of the opposition, adding: “Gone are the days when the corrupt were sheltered, patronised, and protected by the government,” he said and regretted that the spate of corruption had ruined the country. 

He said a policy of zero-tolerance was being followed against corruption. He declared that the government would curb the corrupt mafias and action would be continued against such elements. “Opposition’s occasional rant and rave is nothing more than deception and pretension,” concluded the CM.

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