PTI to request re-polling as Opposition ‘crying hoarse over’ Daska by-election: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan. The News/via
  • PM Imran Khan directs PTI candidate from NA-75 “to ask for re-polling” in 20 polling stations Opposition is crying hoarse over
  • Two people had died, two others were injured as clashes broke out between workers of PTI and PML-N in Sialkot’s NA-75 constituency
  • Says it’s because “we want transparency that we are seeking open ballot for Senate elections”

ISLAMABAD: The ruling PTI’s candidate from Sialkot’s NA-75 constituency has been requested to ask for re-polling in the Daska by-election by Prime Minister Imran Khan as the Opposition parties have been “crying hoarse over” it.

The Daska fiasco that made headlines last week had left at least two people dead and two others injured as clashes had broken out between workers of the ruling PTI and PML-N, leading to a firing incident in which three individuals were wounded initially.

Two of them had succumbed to their injuries on the way to the hospital.

“Have always struggled for fair & free elections,” PM Imran Khan said on Twitter on Monday, saying he did so “even though there is no legal compulsion to do so before ECP announces results”.

“It is because we want transparency that we are seeking open ballot for Senate elections.

The premier vowed to “always seek to strengthen a fair and free election process” and lambasted those who were hindering that effort.

“Unfortunately others lack this commitment. When we wanted 4 constituencies opened after the 2013 elections, it took us over two years,” PM Imran Khan added.

Last week, voting was suspended at 15 sensitive polling stations of the 360 in total in the constituency when the violence erupted.

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