Punjab entering new era of development, prosperity: CM

LAHORE   –  Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar Thursday said that Punjab was entering a new era of development and prosperity due to the organised economic policies of the PTI government.

In a statement, he said that 66 per cent increase had been made in the development budget valuing Rs560 billion and a composite roadmap of genuine development had been introduced. “Parliamentarians are also consulted to finalise the annual development programme and Rs25 billion are allocated for mega projects through public-private partnership mode,” he added. The CM announced to provide free health insurance to 100 per cent population in Punjab, adding that universal health insurance was a flagship initiative of the PTI government. “Similarly, a 10 per cent increase has been made in the pay and pension of government employees along with a 25 per cent special allowance for grade 1 to 19 employees,” he said.

He regretted that the opposition was not interested in the development of the people and pointed out that development was only shown in papers in the pat while the masses yearned for development around them. He added: “The past rulers bankrupted the province with their wrong policies and exhibitory projects.” He maintained: “The PTI inherited a devastated economy in 2018 and has to make difficult decisions to stabilise it. These steps are yielding positive results now.”

Usman Buzdar also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was taking decisions in the larger public interest and the PTI-led government had brought big fish into the grip of the law. The chief minister said the powerful people were now under the clutches of the law as PM Imran Khan had broken the idols of corruption. “There is no room for the corrupt in Pakistan,” he emphasised and regretted that the corrupt were trying to protect their plundered wealth. Usman Buzdar vowed that Pakistan would achieve its destination under the leadership of PM Imran Khan.

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