‘Queen Elizabeth should be the last monarch of UK’

Queen Elizabeth II and the entire British royal family is facing the wrath once again as a royal expert blasted the monarchy.

The Guardian’s columnist Polly Toynbee said that the monarchy should now come to an end as republicanism witnesses a major surge in the UK.

Tonybee claimed that Queen Elizabeth II should be the last monarch of the country, urging the public to consider whether or not they want the royals to be part of the future.

“When she dies, likely within this decade, before they dash to seal our constitutional fate with an instant vivat rex for the unpopular Prince Charles, let there be time for us to question whether she should be laid to rest as Elizabeth the Last,” she said in her column for the paper.

“But none of that reflects the real damage the monarchy inflicts on us. It’s not their money nor their abuse of power, but their very existence that ambushes and infantilises the public imagination, making us their subjects in mind and spirit,” she went on to say.

She further said that during the monarch’s reign, the British Empire collapsed and the country’s GDP also declined. She warned that “by the end of her reign there may be no union, with Scotland and Northern Ireland on their way out”.

According to a report by The Guardian, unearthed 1970s letters from the National Archive show the monarch’s private lawyer Matthew Farrer lobbying the government to make an alteration in an upcoming piece of legislation that would help her hide her wealth.

Through a parliamentary procedure which is referred to as the Queen’s consent, the sovereign halted her true wealth from being made public after ministers added a clause in the Companies Bill, per the new report.

Prior to any legislation being brought before the Parliament, the Queen’s consent must be sought if it relates to private interests of the monarch or could in any way affect the royal prerogative.

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