Rriley brings good vibes with latest single

We know by now that sassy lyrics, catchy hooks, and a bevy of dancers decked in millennial pink is a recipe for pop success. And that’s how Rriley (aka Sandra Riley Tang) is cooking up a storm with her latest single Mmm Bye— a sonically pleasing two-and-a-half minute track that’s adding another notch to her belt as a solo artist.

Released together on the same day of the track, the music video co-directed by Rriley herself, amplifies the empowering messages of the lyrics. The diverse cast of accompanying dancers (including dancehall choreographer Shauna Santa Maria) are shown confronting their vulnerabilities, and overcoming them through the deft and powerful choreography.
“This track encourages everyone to bring out their inner sass and call out the people that aren’t positive influences anymore,” says Rriley.

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