Shamoon requests for Full Board Censor Review for Durj

Shamoon Abbasi’s film Durj was all set to release in Pakistan on the 18th of October. However, a fortnight before its release, the film was banned by Islamabad censor board even when it had been cleared by the Sindh and Punjab censor board earlier. Following the undue and undeserved ban, as Sindh censor board member Umer Khitab Khan viewed the film and himself stated to have not found anything objectionable in the film, filmmaker and actor Shamoon Abbasi took to Twitter to address the higher authorities to revoke the ban on the film.
Sindh Censor board member umer khitab Khan viewed the film and he stated in an inteview on samaa TV that Durj has nothing objectionable and Sindh board and punjab board issued clearance certificates, then why islamabad has imposed a complete ban on it.
Stating that his film was purely informative and did not have any gruesome or bloodshedding scenes, nor did it promote vulgarity and anti-state sentiments, Shamoon Abbasi demanded to know why was his film being banned without a reason.
Calling upon Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, special adviser to the Prime Minister for information and broadcasting, Shamoon Abbasi also asked for a full board censor review of his film as the Sindh and Punjab board had earlier cleared Durj and were forced to revoke their verdict upon insistence from the Islamabad censor board.
“Appeal to the federal censor board to review the film #Durj with a full board panel and give us a fair conclusion on it Sindh and punjab censor board have cleared the movie already and now being revoked by them forcefully We request the authorities to help us @Dr_FirdousPTI,” wrote Shamoon on his Twitter.
Asking the Prime Minister Imran Khan to look into the matter as well, Shamoon urged that his film simply depicted the subject of mental illness in a few people that tend to go to certain extents to commit crimes and should be allowed to release with dignity.
Shamoon has been insisting on his social media to be told about the objectionable scenes or content in his film which could be removed to allow for its release. The actor insists its a propaganda behind his film not being allowed to release in Pakistan and to be honest, it does look like a hidden agenda. When mindless comedies with double meaning vulgar dialogues can be allowed to release in cinemas across the country, why can’t a film like Durj, that simply speaks of a taboo subject matter and brings across powerful performances, not being allowed to run in cinemas, all of which are currently facing a very dry spell ever since the ban on Indian films.

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