Suspected car entered from Babu Sabu interchange

Investigation of the explosion that took place in Lahore’s Johar Town is still underway but news has surfaced that the car that was allegedly used for the blast entered via the Babu Sabu interchange.

The blast killed 3 people and 24 were left injured.

As per reports, the car entered the metropolis around 9:40am on Wednesday and went through checking by police personnel at the interchange. CTD and other agencies have obtained CCTV footage as use of the vehicle in the blast despite inspection by law enforcement agencies raises questions.

SHO Abid Baig has registered a case of the Johar Town blast in CTD Lahore police station. The FIR is inclusive of  7ATA, 3/4 Explosives Act, 302, 324, 148/149 and other important provisions.

Furthermore, three unidentified terrorists have also been mentioned in the FIR. It also has details like the terrorists used both a car and a motorbike to carry out the plan. 

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