Tent pegging’s Galloping back to fame

LAHORE: Tent Pegging is one of the most popular equestrian sports of ancient origin where a rider mounted on a horseback with an edged weapon takes on the wooden ground targets at full gallop. Although it is widely known that cavaliers of Asia from the olden days practised this skill for raiding enemy camps to sever the tent pegs with the intention of creating terror, the skill gained much popularity over the period and was adopted as a sport. Therefore, tent pegging is also interchangeably called as ‘equestrian skill-at-arms’. The broader class of tent pegging involves ring jousting, lemon sticking, quintain tilting and Parthian which can be played individually or with teams.
The game is especially popular is Punjab and Balochistan where the event holds more importance that just being a sport, rather as an exhibition of valour and a profound sense of pride with which the tent-peggers enter the ground, jockeyed on their well-bred horses and wearing colourful turbans with unique styles and waistcoats to identify with their teams. The traditional turbans and vibrant waistcoats strike the locals and tourists alike. The arrival of the teams in the arena is marked with the deafening sounds of drums, trumpets and flutes; arousing enthusiasm and getting the adrenaline pumped in the crowd. .”–Agencies

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