Top 5 youngest actresses of our drama industry

Acting is the kind of field which one can excel at only when someone takes this profession seriously or is a born artist. It requires a lot of hard work for these actors to make a place for themselves in an industry which is really competitive. Pakistani drama industry has many talented young actresses who have been associated with this profession from an even younger age. All these actresses stepped into the world of entertainment by chance but unlike few other child stars, they stayed in the industry and made a name for themselves.
Some of these actresses are relatively new in the field of entertainment but they have bagged big projects which many other actresses their age couldn’t get even after being associated with the industry for a long period of time. These actresses are quite popular already but they still have a vast career ahead of them. They are also motivated enough to strive for those goals which people their age most often cannot even consider setting for themselves.
Here are the top 5 youngest Pakistani actresses.

Alizeh Shah
17 years

Alizeh Shah is undoubtedly one of the most young and talented actresses of Pakistani drama industry. Alizeh Shah did her first commercial when she was only 6 years old alongside Waseem Akram. She kept on doing commercials as a child artist and later joined the industry as an actress few years later in 2018. Alizeh Shah has already been part of a big film which is something remarkable for someone her age. Apart from working in some leading dramas, she also played an important supporting role in the film Superstar.
Like all the other actresses in this list, Alizeh Shah too had the support of her family. Her father never stopped her from following her passion and her mother still accompanies her everywhere. Alizeh Shah is the only daughter therefore her parents take everything she wants to do even more seriously. Alizeh Shah is studying and acting at the same time. Since acting is really close to her heart therefore managing time is never an issue for Alizeh Shah.

Kinza Hashmi
20 years

Kinza Hashmi started her acting career when she was only 16 years old with the drama Mor Mahal. Kinza Hashmi is another young actress who takes her work seriously and is in this profession because she derives happiness from it. Kinza Hashmi was first discovered when she participated in a fashion show which was being held on a relatively small level. Her journey started from there and that is when she realized that this is what she had wanted to do all her life.
Apart from her good looks and talent, Kinza Hashmi is known for her dedication. Even when Kinza does not have any scenes, she enjoys spending time on the set. She enjoys getting up for work every morning and is one of those few actresses who actually do not look forward to their days off. Kinza Hashmi has played leading roles in dramas which were really popular. She has a massive fan following. Her dedication and passion will surely take Kinza Hashmi far.
Kinza Hashmi was always more interested in singing than she was in acting. She was actually convinced that she could not act until she got mentors who taught her everything she knows now which has helped her get this far.

Aiman Khan
20 years

Aiman Khan also started her career as a child star and her first project too was a television commercial. At that time obviously, Aiman Khan was part of the projects her parents wanted her to be a part of but she enjoyed performing especially because her twin sister Minal was always with her. Few years back Aiman Khan decided to revamp her career completely and that is when she gained more popularity than ever.
Aiman Khan has done a lot of work especially in the past two years. Her popularity was the number 1 reason why people followed her projects and liked her. Known for her simple roles and good looks, Aiman Khan surely made a big name for herself.

Iqra Aziz
21 years

Iqra Aziz started her showbiz career when she was in 10th Grade. Like many other young actresses on this list, Iqra Aziz too kept on doing commercials in the beginning of her career and then she decided to take a break since she needed to finish college. After college she made up her mind that she wanted to start working full time in the media and that is when with the support of her mother, Iqra Aziz stepped into the world of acting with the drama serial Kissey Apna Kahei, in which she had a supporting role.
Although Iqra Aziz was really passionate about acting but when she went to do her first proper television commercial, she started crying on the sets and thought she couldn’t do this. Her sister supported her and her mother has been a big support as well. The support of her family has played a major role in bringing her this far.

Hania Aamir
22 years

Hania Aamir is young and immensely talented. Acting comes naturally to her which is why her performances are always effortless. Hania Aamir stepped into the world of acting almost four years back when she was 18 years old. Hania Aamir was discovered by the producers of Janaan so she made her debut in acting with a big film.
Hania Aamir started acting because the opportunity presented itself but then she realized that this was something which came naturally to her and now that she has had some experience, she is taking her acting career more seriously. Hania Aamir is already a star who talks her mind and is also loved by young girls for embracing her skin, even though it isn’t flawless. Hania Aamir has starred in many popular dramas and films.
Who is your favorite actress out of the young actresses? Isn’t it amazing how these actresses were discovered and how they found out that they were meant to be in this field? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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