Trump seeks Apple in 5G race

NEW YORK: U.S. President Donald Trump said, he had asked Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook to look into helping develop telecommunications infrastructure for 5G wireless networks in the United States. “They have it all – Money, Technology, Vision & Cook!” Trump tweeted, without elaborating on how he expects the iPhone maker to contribute. Apple is not known to have made any investments in 5G telecoms infrastructure to date and is yet to release a 5G device. Trump met Cook on Wednesday during his visit to Apple’s upcoming campus in Texas, in the latest sign of a close relationship between two of America’s most powerful men. This is not the first time Trump has used his Twitter account to address Cook. In one of his latest tweets, Trump, who uses a government-issued iPhone, lamented the loss of the home button on some iPhone models because it forced users to swipe upward, rather than tap a button to unlock the phone. –Agencies

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