Vietnam looks to tighten control over social media

HANOI – Vietnam is looking to increase control over live streaming on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, according to a draft government decree, as the country aims to tighten its grip on cyberspace.

The proposed decree comes two years after the introduction of a cybersecurity law that mandated internet companies remove content the communist authorities regard as “toxic”. The law received sharp criticism from the United States, European Union and internet freedom advocates who said it mimics China’s repressive censorship of the internet. Under the terms of the decree, any account that operates on a social media platform in Vietnam and has more than 10,000 followers must provide contact information to authorities. Only registered accounts will be allowed to livestream. The proposed decree also says that social media providers must temporarily block or remove content within 24 hours if they receive a “justified” complaint from an individual or organisation affected by the content. 

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