Wahaj Ali wins hearts in Ehd-e-Wafa

KARACHI-Wahaj Ali is the new rising star of Pakistan’s television industry. He started as a performer in 2015 with side roles and gradually made his place on the screen in lead roles in a short period with his tremendous performances. Some of his notable performances include Haiwan, HariHariChuriyan, Dil-e-Bereham, and many more.
Wahaj Ali continues to win the hearts of audiences in one of the most hit dramas of this season, “Ehd-e-Wafa.”

Playing the role of Shariq, who is one from the group of four best friends (Saad, Shahzain, Shariq, and Shehryaar, played by AhadRaza Mir, Osman Khalid Butt, Wahaj Ali, and Ahmed Ali Akbar respectively) who like to be known as SSG.

The SSG want to live their life to the fullest by doing all sort of fun activities which include leaving college to have some food and fun.

They are a reckless but smart and mannered group of young boys who are inseparable. As the story proceeds, there come some differences between the four best friends, and they get separated as the college life ends. The on-screen chemistry between the boys is heart-melting, which makes us want to see some more.
Saad comes from an army background being the son of a brigadier he wishes to follow in his father’s footsteps.

ShahZain is a landlords’ son and is full of pride regarding his background. He is not a bad person but can easily get carried away with his anger, which leads to jeopardizing his friendship first with Saad and then with others.

Shehryar is a brilliant and sensible boy and is managing his father’s business alongside his higher studies as well as trying to bring back all the friends back together.

Shariq is the only man of the house living with his widow mom and his older sister; he takes justice very seriously and is working to be a journalist. He is brave and does not fear to raise his voice against the wrongdoings that happen in front of him, but coming from a poor background, things don’t always work for him.

Wahaj Ali portrays Shariq’s character in a phenomenal manner, which makes you feel for him and his struggles. His diverse performance makes him standout on the screen.

His acting skills are getting better with each passing episode, and he has managed to perfectly portray all the different dynamics to Shariq’s character. Wahaj Ali’s unblemished acting skills will undoubtedly bring this star to heights of success in the entertainment industry.

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