Wahaj goes in tears

Wahaj Ali is the rising star of the Pakistani drama industry and he has not given an interview as emotional as the one he gave Samina Peerzada. Wahaj Ali talked about his childhood and his sensitive nature. He said, “It isn’t easy being such a sensitive person. Sometimes I feel so hurt because of slightest of things. I am afraid of being left alone and I think that fear started when I lost my father.”

Wahaj Ali’s father passed away few days after being admitted to the hospital and Wahaj Ali went through unbearable pain because he was expecting this to be the best time of his life since his daughter was going to come into this world but things changed in an instant. Wahaj Ali said that his daughter was born 3 days after his father passed away and it was such a strange time for him because he was not sure whether to be happy or to be sad.
Fans who follow Wahaj Ali on social media know just how close he is to his daughter. For him, being a dad comes before everything else but till date, he has not been able to get over the loss of his father, which was too sudden and made him fearful that he might lose another loved one.

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